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In 2013, I moved to a lovely old New England home with one of the worst skinflint landlords I have ever met.

We found out in Spring of 2015 that he was selling the place when he brought over potential buyers unannounced to show the house. Soon thereafter, we located his house listing, which advertised a 'partially finished basement'.

I can only assume he meant that you feel partially finished after making it out.

These hi-res photos of my landlord's nasty basement were all taken in 2014. Inverted or blurred, they make superb backgrounds for horror games, particularly interactive fiction. Enjoy, and if you plan to sell your game, please consider donating.

To use these photos, please paste the following into your work's credits:
"Murder Basement Photos" by Caelyn Sandel
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 International.

Published May 17, 2015
AuthorCaelyn Sandel